A wizard idea?

A wizard idea?

Tony Yorke increasingly dislikes the modern-day obsession with reinventing things – and finds himself comparing many of our churches with Hollywood.

A FILM COMPANY has just announced it is to begin full-scale production of the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz.

As I digest the news, I find myself asking one simple question: ‘Why?’

Let’s face it, the original film – starring a young Judy Garland – is almost impossible to beat. And the same can be said for blockbusters like Spartacus, Ben Hur and even more recent sci-fi hits such as Total Recall.

So why bother?

I am not against anyone trying to do a good, or better job; far from it. But what I am opposed to are people who are not satisfied with what we have got, and whose egos seemingly allow them to think all they have to do is splash some cash around in order for a better job to be achieved.

This has most certainly been the way of Hollywood in recent years. But I also find myself thinking these things as I attend ...

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