A voice for the voiceless

A voice for the voiceless

Shay Cullen is a fighter. He is also a Catholic priest. And he is currently helping a woman, sexually abused by Gary Glitter while she was still a child, to sue the former pop star for compensation.

As the president of the Preda Foundation, Shay Cullen has spent 46 years tracking down sex offenders, getting children away from them, and campaigning to change the law. In the UK, he works with Jubilee Campaign, but he is based in the Philippines, a country which has provided a paradise for paedophiles for many, many years. Having been involved in a successful case to sue another convicted paedophile, Douglas Slade, for his abuse of Filipino victims, Shay has now got involved in the case against Glitter, who abused children in Vietnam. But what makes a man take on a lifetime battle?

How did you get involved in this work in the first place?

When I graduated from secondary school in Ireland, I wanted to see and understand the world beyond Ireland. I was inspired by the virtuous life...

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