A thought for Palm Sunday

A thought for Palm Sunday

Anger has its place – but venting one’s spleen on social media every day of the week is definitely not the right thing to do.
Many use the keyboard as a weapon to make themselves feel better, and to allow an often inflated ego to grow a bit bigger while ranting and commenting on anything from EU blockades to tiffs between the Royal family.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, a day when Christians all over the world rejoice and remember Jesus Christ, the humble carpenter from Galilee who rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey in lowly pomp. It certainly isn’t a day for anger.

‘Lowly’ is a very appropriate word to describe Jesus, the coolest guy who ever lived. What I have always found so remarkable about the Palm Sunday story is that it happened at a time when most preachers, at the height of their popularity, as Jesus was, would have been polishing up their best sermon.
Waving whips
With the crowds calling out his name and lining his path in recognition of the King in their midst, t...

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