A man of enduring faith

A man of enduring faith

Quite rightly, many fitting tributes are being made to the Duke of Edinburgh – to a life of devotion as a husband and father, and of immense selflessness and commitment to the country he served so well for so long.

Prince Philip was a man known for his strength, conviction and passion for the causes he supported. He was also witty and intelligent.

Underpinning everything he did was an undeniable and rock solid foundation: his belief in a creator God.

Faith is a subject he rarely talked about. In truth, he didn’t need to, for almost everything he did in life demonstrated his devotion to the Christian life he, and Her Majesty, chose to lead.

You cannot live the life Philip led, and be married for more than 73 years, without such an anchor.

In the days to come, we will learn much, much more about this extraordinary man, his achievements and the many lives he touched.

It is right the country mourns his loss fulsomely. It is the least we can do as a nation for it is unlikely we will see his kind again any time soon.

Rest in peace, HRH. Britain is a better place for having you at the helm for so long. You will be missed.