Boost your brain health

Boost your brain health

Memory blips are natural as we get older, but keeping your mind active and challenged will help to keep your brain younger than your years. Ensure you’re firing on all cylinders with my top tips for looking after your brain health.

1 Lights out 

Night owls take note. Research shows that sleeping less than seven hours a night is linked to poor brain health and memory loss, with studies showing that chemicals released during the deeper stages of sleep are vital for repairing the whole of the body, including the brain. Make sure you’re getting plenty of shut-eye by starting your bed time routine an hour earlier and leaving your phone and tablets out of the bedroom to avoid distractions that will hinder sleep.

2 Take a challenge 

Whenever we do something for the first time our brain builds new connections that keep it active and stimulated. A study with London cab drivers found that as they learnt The Knowledge – the huge task of learning the 25,000 streets and landma...

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