Disabled Person’s Registration Certificate 1968

Disabled Person’s Registration Certificate 1968

Image of Disabled Persons Registration Certificate 1968


This is a card giving proof of being registered as a disabled person. Personal details have been blocked out. Under the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act 1944, the Government set up a Disabled Persons Employment Register. Employers with 20 or more employees were required to employ a quota of registered disabled people - 3% of their workforce. It was known as the ‘green card scheme’ because certificates were given to disabled people on green card. This photograph unfortunately makes the card look grey. The Disabled Persons Register and quota scheme ceased to exist from December 1996 following the coming into force of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.


This is an A6 landscape oriented postcard. It is grey with writing on both sides.

The front has a mix of print and handwriting. Text from top to bottom.

Ministry of Labour Disabled Persons (Employment) Acts, 1944 and 1958 Certificate of Registration No. RVW 803

Holder's Name.

Holders Address

The name of the above-named person is entered in the Register of Disabled Persons. 

The registration continues so long as the person remains a 1914-18 disablement pensioner.

*The registration expires on 13-1-1971

Signature of certifying officer H. Abbot.

I.O. Stamp Ruislip

Date 23.7.1968

Holder's Signature 

*Delete inapplicable item V.A. Strickland

S19638 236396 W1.15594 D1588 200M 8/62 T&Co G760. (S9) 

Text on the back.

Notes: Read Carefully.

  1. This certificate is the property of the Minister of Labour and should be returned to the office named overleaf immediately it ceases to be current. In the event of the holder being no longer eligible for registration it would be appreciated if the Local Office were informed.
  2. If a change of name or address occurs during the currency of this certificate, it should be sent, with full particulars of the change, to the office named overleaf.
  3. This certificate should be signed in the space provided overleaf by the person to whom it relates.
  4. An employer or prospective employer may request this certificate to be produced for inspection.
  5. Care should be taken not to lose or deface this certificate. If so desired it may be deposited for safe custody with the local office of the Ministry. In the event of loss or defacement, application for a duplicate should be made to the office named overleaf.
  6. If a 1914-18 disablement pensioner ceases to be such, he may make application not later than two months from the date of so ceasing, for the retention of his name in the register of disabled persons. It is requested that any such application be made as early as possible.
  7. In cases other than those of 1914-18 disablement pensioners application for the retention of the person's name in the register of disabled persons may be made not earlier than two months before the date of expiry of the period of registration. It is requested that any such application be made as early as possible within that period and at least one month before the date of expiry of the period of registration. [See overleaf.}