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If you are in the Legal Professional or in Financial Services, you may well have a need for Forms on your website that are longer and more complicated than the standard contact form that is built for every Run Your Own Website. It is still quite possible to have a Run Your Own Website that includes such a form. This page is a page that has a typical Conveyancing Enquiry form on it, that has many fields that must be filled in. A form such as this could be built for any Run Your Own Website, regardless of which option it is. This is because such a form has to be coded by hand and there is a separate charge, usually around £100.

It is possible to have multi-select boxes, single select boxes (radio buttons), date pickers, text boxes, in fact, if you have seen it on an option existing form, it can usually be also be done on a Run Your Website. If you want to check with us first, why not send us an email by following this link or by call us on 01243 952087?

Larger header image and no main page image

When you have a page with a longer form on it, such as this one, an image on the right or left-hand side would look out of place. It is important, however, that you do have at least one image on the page, to serve as a distraction from the large amount of text on the form below it. This is a technique that can work effectively with dyslexic people. With this page, we have created a larger header image, which could be increased to an even larger size if a deeper picture needs to be displayed instead.

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    Conveyancing Enquiry

    Your Title

    Your Name (required)


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    Your Address including postcode

    Telephone Numbers




    Purchase Tenure

    Purchase Type of Property

    Purchase-Price of Property Buying

    Purchase-Mortgage required (If any)

    Amount of Purchase Mortgage Advance

    Purchase – Lending Source

    Purchase- Second Mortgage (If any)

    Sale Tenure

    Sale Type of Property

    Price of Property Sellling

    Amount of Mortgage Advance (Sale) if any :

    Mortgage Lender (Sale)

    Second Mortgage (Sale) if any

    Any Other Information

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