Individual Specialists

The Health Sector cover a wide range of different areas and specialisms. These include nutrition, physiotherapy, counselling and a whole host of other areas. Usually, they will either be an individual who works for themselves who may rent a room in a building for their practice or they might work from home. Whether it is just being able to update their charges or to be able to blog easily, Run Your Own Website is the ideal platform for them. An Option 2 website, consisting of 5 pages and a blog is often all that some may need but Run Your Own Website has, of course, got the flexibility to be much larger and includes an eCommerce system and other functionality, such as a Class Timetable, that looks attractive but it also easy to update.

The cost of using one of the well-known website building platforms

Many people will turn to Wix or Weebly to put together their website so that their potential clients are able to find out more about them and this can be a very cost-effective option. However, as all the low-cost self-build websites are hosted in the United States, the only way to get visitors to find your websites is through paying for Ads. Google expects you to be hosted in the same country that you work and, unless you work in the United States, the low-cost websites work against you. They are also usually full of coding errors which again makes it difficult to get strong Google rankings. Unfortunately, you will not be able to do anything about those errors as they are generated by the platform.

Links to live sites

Please follow the links below to visit examples of websites in the health sector that we have already created with Run Your Own Website Version 2. Please be aware that each link will open in a new window which will need to be closed to return to this website.


Chichester Physio

Brighton Hearing Care

Sharon Bannister - Cranial Osteopath

Sight and Sound

Chichester Osteopathic Centre

Southampton Primary Care

Richmond Balance

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